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26 February 2020
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26 February 2020

Sandwich Cold Storage Panel

Cold storages produced for the purpose of stocking products at temperatures up to -40 ° C cause high energy consumption in order to stay at low temperatures. Polyurethane (PUR) / Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulated Cold Storage Panels are the most ideal building materials to achieve thermal insulation in cold room applications.

Determining the thickness of the Cold Room Panels depends on many factors;

Temperature difference between building interior and exterior
Type of Sandwich Panel filling material
Energy prices
Building cost
Design of Cooling System

Kalınlığı (mm)
Isı İletkenlik
Katsayısı (λ)
U Değeri R Değeri
(W/m2K) (h·ft²·°F/Btu)
B s2 d0
(TS EN 13501-1)
40 (±2)kg/m3 80 0,022 W/mK 0,27 21
100 0,22 26
120 0,18 31
150 0,15 39
180 0,12 47
200 0,11 52
Dış Yüz Boyalı Galvaniz Sac/Paslanmaz Çelik 0,50-0,60-0,70 mm
İç Yüz Boyalı Galvaniz Sac/Paslanmaz Çelik 0,50-0,60-0,70 mm

We offer economical and quality solutions in Sandwich Cold Storage Panel products. We are at your service with 1st Quality Sandwich Panel, 2nd Quality and 2nd Hand Sandwich Panel types.

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