Roll Sheet

Purpan Panel roll sheet products are preferred by many businesses because they offer cost-effective and versatile usage possibilities.

What is Roll Sheet?

Roll Sheet is also called "liquid steel".

Roll sheet, which is very elastic and resistant to abrasion, is a product with intensive use in different areas.

Due to its foldable structure, the roll sheet, which offers a very adequate portable usage experience, is produced in different sizes upon request.

Why is it preferred?

Since roll sheets are produced from raw materials such as liquid steel, they are highly resistant to impacts and crushes.

Moreover, these products, which are very resistant to temperatures, weather events and pressure, have become indispensable for most companies.
Roll sheets offer cost effective solutions. For this reason, it attracts intense attention by companies with price sensitivity.
It also provides a high degree of efficiency within the scope of business needs.

PurpanPanel has many different models in terms of appealing to everyone, it also has a2 quality products and sells colored roll sheets too.

Where to use ?

In construction sector, it is generally used in sandwich panel and composite panel production, exterior facade, roofing, metal tile production, building entrance made of metal, garage doors and shutters.
Since it has been one of the most preferred companies in its sector for more than 20 years, Purpan Panel has gained great values in terms of service and goods quality and has achieved many references.
So if you want to buy roll sheet or have information, you can contact us
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