Purpan Panel accessories include ridge, roof exit cover, screws and saddles.

Types of Ridge

Ridges are offers roof systems with a superior insulation. Adequate insulation cannot be provided while roofing tiles on the roof. For this reason, in some ridge sections, ridge should be used to cover the cross section exposed by the tiles.

Roof Outlet Covers

Roof Outlet Covers are manufactured and developed to provide and control the change in the air where alternative light is needed, to facilitate the exit on the roof works and to make it safer, and it also has a structure resistant to impacts and bad weather conditions.

Screw and Saddle Types

Under screw saddles prevent material damage during assembly and eliminate the possibility of water leaking through the screw hole.

Forehead Coverings

Forehead Coatings are used for visually aesthetic structure of all the structures, such as the eaves and groove foreheads, to hide the existing openings.

Corner Accessory Sheets

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