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Purpan Panel


Who are we, what do we do?

Purpan Panel provides service in Kocaeli with its sectoral experience and trust brought by many years. Purpan Panel; Tekkat Panel, Sandwich Panel, Roll Sheet, Corrugated Sheet, Cold Storage Panel, Prefabricated, Container and Second Quality Sandwich Panel products provide fast and safe shopping to its customers.


In the product range, we always have over 500 tons of painted trapeze and rolled hair, approximately 15 thousand m2 sandwich panels. In our company, customer satisfaction is always prioritized and the care and attention we show to our customers' orders is always one of our primary responsibilities.

Why should you choose us?

Speed and Efficiency

PurpanPanel focuses on satisfying its customers in this regard by revealing a structure where speed and efficiency meet.

Customer Happiness

While we aim to provide the most accurate support by understanding our customers' wishes and needs, we strive to meet your needs and serve above your expectations.


It is one of our biggest goals to be an institution that strives to establish an environment where all our customers and employees feel valuable.


As Purpan Panel, we have adopted the principle of being in harmony with the environment we live in. We use environmentally friendly, pollution-free and recyclable vehicles as much as we can.

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