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Purpan Panel is delivers to its customers in Tekkat Panel, Sandwich Panel, Cold Room Panels, Roll Sheet, Corrugated Sheet, Pipe and Profile and at the same time Prefabricated House products with a fast and safe delivery process.

In our company, customer satisfaction is always prioritized and the care and attention we show to our customers' orders is always one of our primary responsibilities. Customer satisfaction and quality are our top priority.


Our Products

Tekkat Panel

For the first time in Turkey. Economic and qualified 1cm Sandwich Panel.

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Sandwich Panel

Sandwich Panel products in Different Sizes and Features.

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Corrugated Sheet

1st and 2nd Quality Corrugated Sheet Types

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Durable and Endurance Prefabricated Buildings

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Roll Sheet

Different Size and Quality Roll Sheet Types

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About Purpan Panel

1Why should I choose Purpan Panel ?
Purpan Panel, which has been serving in the sector for more than 20 years, aims to meet your demands in the most reliable way by making production as well as sales.
2I am not in Kocaeli, how will I buy the product ?
Purpan Panel sells and shipped products at home and abroad. We also offer affordable transportation options with carriers that we have contracts with.
3Why are your product prices so economical ?
As Purpan Panel, we apply the best price policy with our different product range and alternatives.
4Which sandwich panel would be suitable for me ?
If you tell us where and under which conditions you will use our products, we will offer the most suitable Sandwich Panel product for you.
Technicial Specifications

Some technical features about Tekkat Panel are as follows.

The outer facade consists of 25μm polyester paint and strip galvanized sheet.

It has a hard polyurethane foam core. It is CFC free and weighs approximately 40kg / m³. Due to its high efficiency profile geometry and 10 mm thick polyurethane foam layer adhered to the upper shell, our product has an extremely high stability.

Scope of application is photovoltaic system roofs, new buildings, renovation works and all kinds of agricultural or industrial buildings.

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Why do you need to choose Tekkat Panel ?

High stability with sealing function

durable and thinner!

Thinner and higher sound insulation than other panels!

It is very resistant to storm and hurricane.




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